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e-SPECS 9.0 Release Notes

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2015 12:06PM EDT
e-SPECS 9.0 Release Notes


e-SPECS Submission Manager​
  • The Submission Manager allows you to create multi-volume output and archive collections of sections into submissions. Snapshots of published sections can be saved and then reviewed at a later date.
  • External files or e-SPECS Project Files can be included in the output and referenced in the TOC.
  • The Submission Manager TOC can list the date, author, and/or page count of each submission. The formatting of the TOC is customizable.

 e-SPECS Project Groups​
  • The e-SPECS client accounts are now referred to as Project Groups. This frees up the Client Account settings to store the building’s owner or your client information, and clears up some confusion when organizing projects.
  • The new Building Type field provides an additional category to further define project settings, and to allow more extensive bindings in e-SPECS for Revit.
  • We have also added support for our International customers with new country fields.

e-SPECS Project Settings and New Dialogues 
  • We have added more flexibility when opening projects; you can list them by project number and/or by project group.
  • The project options dialog is now known as Project Properties, and been redesigned to provide better organization and a more-user friendly process. 

e-SPECS Editor
  • We have added new Custom Merge Fields, both Static and User Defined, to allow for a larger list of merge fields and for product review and accepting or declining of proposed section text.
  • Improved performance for the spellcheck-as-you-type feature speeds up response time when working in long sections.
  • PDF output has been completely replaced with an independent module that is highly compatible with the e-SPECS text editor. PDF output no longer requires MS Word, eliminating output discrepancies and technical issues. 

e-SPECS for Revit
  • The Keynote feature has been expanded to allow for synchronization of the Autodesk Revit keynoting text file.
  • The Autodesk Keynote text file is now managed in e-SPECS to allow you to update the Keynote listing at run time for easier work flow and coordination.
  • Added support for Annotation management within a custom master.

e-SPECS Revit Plug-In Console
  • The Keynote feature has been expanded to allow for synchronization of the Autodesk Revit keynoting text file.
  • New keynote values can be added to the project keynote list directly from Autodesk Revit console add-in. 

e-SPECS Designer
  • Support for Custom Merge Fields, both Static and User Defined types, is now available for custom masters to support a larger listing of project-level merge fields.

e-SPECS Desktop
  • Added spelling options menu as in ESR.


e-SPECS Editor
  • Removing and adding page breaks has been improved for easier editing.

e-SPECS Revit Plug-In Console
  • We have fixed a bug that failed to pick up assembly descriptions for wall sweeps and profiles.

e-SPECS Designer
  • Fixed an issue when saving newly-created tags.

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